School environment and curriculum enhancement

School plays an important role in early childhood development. The Project team uses the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale® (ECERS-R, ECERS-E), which is a widely used international benchmark to assess school environment and curriculum of KeySteps@JC schools, and design corresponding professional development program and on-site coaching program based on the assessment results.

Professional development of teachers

KeySteps@JC has adapted a five-module Teacher Professional Development Framework, including regular seminars, workshops, and learning community activities. With joint efforts from our multi-disciplinary Project team and international Project consultants, principals and teachers of participating schools can have comprehensive training on medical, education, and welfare sectors. To raise training effectiveness, the Project has also invited a group of experienced early childhood educators from the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association – Hong Kong to deliver on-site coaching to the participating schools, to enhance the school environment and teaching effectiveness.