Multidisciplinary expert team providing early intervention and comprehensive support

Preschool children are developing rapidly. In order to monitor accurately and cater for the needs of children’s development, interventions directly related to children, including health checkups, vision screening, KeySteps@JC learning packs, parent-child activities provided by KeySteps@JC hubs, etc will be available for children regularly during the three academic years. This allows the schools and parents to track children’s development closely, as well as provides reliable data for future policy advocacy.

The Project gathers a team of experts, including medical professionals, including doctors, registered nurses, optometrists, dietitians, etc), social workers, early childhood education practitioners and experts to assess and monitor the overall development of the children, school effectiveness and family functioning, as well as to provide holistic support for participating children, families and schools.

The Project team will conduct annual follow-up assessments to track children’s development and to review the Project’s effectiveness.