KeySteps@JC Community Hub (“The Hub”) adopts a multidisciplinary collaboration among education, health and welfare on establishment of its hardware and programs, aiming to provide holistic support to children with disadvantaged background and their families, so as to foster social connectedness. Design of various zoning and facilities are informed by data collected from the project, and the data will be further enriched by children’s performance observed at the hub. Through observation to the children at hub, parents and teachers can learn more about different skills supporting child’s development, making the hub an extended learning platform for families and schools. Children can get developmentally appropriate experiences from the hub, while parents can access to different social network and resource, promoting their family functioning.

Explore the 3 Zones of KeySteps@JC Community Hub

  • Physical Zone
  • Multi-sensory Reading Zone
  • STEAM Zone
  1. Physical Zone

Baseline data of KeySteps@JC suggested that children from Sham Shui Po and Tin Shui Wai, due to lacking of activity space and life experience, have poorer physical development and more behavioral problems compared with their peers of the same age. The hub therefore has established “Physical zone” with facilities fostering children’s gross and fine motor skills and coordination, such as climbing wall, air tube etc. There are also water table and sand pit, so as to broaden the children’s play experience.

  1. Multi-sensory Reading Zone

Limited life experience will affect development of children’s vocabulary, communication skill and comprehension skill, as well as their global learning performance in a long run. Therefore the Hub has set up Multi-sensory Reading Zone to provide various books and interactive learning materials chosen by KeySteps’ multi-disciplinary team. There is also parenting workshops and parent-child activities to promote dialogical reading, so as to foster language development of the children.

  1. STEAM Zone

Baseline data of KeySteps@JC also suggested that kindergarten in Hong Kong seldom have life science and art activities incorporated in their curriculum, resulting in limited experimental learning opportunity in the children’s daily life. Therefore the Hub has designed different innovative scientific learning activities through STEAM zone, so as to promote children’s scientific thinking and problem-solving abilities.