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Bridging from the Start

Providing critical support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to build stronger foundations

The Essential
How important is Brain Development in Early Childhood?

  • The critical phase of brain development occurs between infancy and preschool age (90% of brain development takes place before the age of 5)
  • The brain of a 3-year-old child is twice as active as an adult’s brain
  • Children require early stimulation and nurturing to reinforce their cognitive, language, social and emotional development
  • Growing up in adverse conditions may hinder children’s brain development; it may even affect their foundation for growth and long-term development

From Family to Community

KeySteps@JC connects family, school and community to support the holistic development in children, as well as uses technology and evidence-based research to inform future policy change. The project is a collaborative effort amongst the medical, education and welfare sectors.

In another five years of Phase 2, we hope that family, school and community functioning can be further strengthened through KeySteps@JC, in order to build stronger foundations for better life outcomes of the children.